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Financial Planning

Finding the Fun in Financial Planning.

Following the CFP engagement process, we embark on a five-step process with our clients in order to ensure that they are aware and in control of their financial futures. It looks a little something like this:

We Get to Know You.

Inspired by our love of people and their personal stories, we enjoy getting to know our clients. This might be our favorite step of the process because we learn what truly matters to you, not just financially, but in life. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? Where do you find inspiration? From our deeper appreciation of who you are, we take a look at your current financial situation and discuss what your goals are, long-term.

We Make a Recommendation.

After analyzing your financial situation in light of future goals, we come up with a plan and recommend an investment strategy to support your financial goals.

We Make it Happen.

Once we’ve collaborated on a rock-solid strategy, it’s up to us to make it happen for you. Using our experience and the strength of the colleagues on our team, we put your plan into action. We get the ball rolling and closely follow every rotation on its path.

We Set Our Sights on Your Success.

Monitoring your financial plan every step of the way is our priority, and we keep you updated on its progression as it unfolds.

We Reconnect and Review.

Maybe our second favorite part of this process, we get to reconnect! At least once a year, we like to reconnect with you in a formal review of your financial plan and current status. During this time, we hope you’ll update us on your latest successes, adventures, and newly realized ambitions.